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“So recently I just got dumped. He meant everything to me. He was the only person I have ever been attracted to in a romantic and sexual way (Im demi) and I am having a hard time handling it. I feel like it is partially my fault that I didn’t make him feel like he was good enough. Our relationship wasn’t “stereotypical” and because of circumstances we couldn’t spend a lot of time together in person. I didn’t mind and I thought I made that clear though, but he broke up with me because he said that he wasn’t a good enough boyfriend to me and that I deserved better and that he needed to work on himself. I let him go because I love him too much to make him stay when he doesn’t want to. But it hurts so bad that sometimes I don’t even know if it will ever stop hurting. I guess I just wanted to vent. Maybe see what other people have to say. And share my newly reinstated motto in life that unless he wants to be with me again will stay permenantly in place. “Single and never going to mingle”. I thought some people may like it, so I figured I would share it. I thought it was pretty fitting for those of us who don’t want to get into romantic/sexual relationships.”

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