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“Hey !
I identify somewhere on the ace spectrum, and recently saw a post which talked about asexual characters on English TV Shows, how few they are, and the need for more representation, so that anyone, be it questioning or pan or demi or bi or trans has a space where they feel validation for their experiences.

Now I’m also a huge anime fan, and in anime, sexuality is fluid. According to me, anyone who wants to find representation there, in regards to ace, aro, gray or demi, then they should definitely explore it!

Of course, it depends on the show and the genre, some are very typical while some are extraordinary, while thers are subtle or subversive. I recommend for children’s especially Cardcaptor Sakura, young adults Fairy Tail (it can get very racy in regards to girls and one might feel misogyny on the authors part, but most of the people I’ve read talk about how bad ass the female characters are, and I tend to focus on that)

I also recommend Free! ( for gay ace, aro or gray or demi or lithsexuals)

Finally but not the least, there’s this site called queer books for teens which has categories of asexual, trans and many more marginalised communites, and I urge people to use it.

Trust me, I go through that daily frustration over cis heteronormative and heteroromantic, mostly forced plot lines and predictable romances. I’ve searched for a place where I can find diversity, and productively question my romantic and sexual orientations (finally arrived on biromantic asexual for now).

It also helps that I found an amazing group of people to discuss this stuff with, who support me 100%, unfortunately none of them are blood family.

Hang in there. There are tons of anime, and books out there which may not get visibility due to mainstream media, but are amazingly magical like you.

Tumblr is a great place that has been constantly recommended for SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance) Community.
Haha I hope the acronym catches on. It’s easier to use and no matter how many identities and orientations are added, it doesn’t need to change”

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