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“Hi Asexual ACES, I just needed a space to air my thoughts, and maybe get a second opinion.

I was just at a hangout with my friends, and during a game of Never Have I Ever, I came out to them as asexual. Later in the night, my friends were talking about who was in the queer community amongst our group, and they left me out of it, but I said “Hi, hello, I’m ace.” My bisexual friend said that asexuals being part of the queer community is debatable because you’re still straight if you’re heteroromantic.

I didn’t say anything because I’m a heteroromantic asexual, but I also don’t feel like a straight person either.

Do I count as part of the queer community? Should I count as part of it? What should I say to my friend the next time this comes up? I feel very lost, like I don’t belong anywhere, and I don’t know what to do. It’s like a repeat of the identity struggle I went through when I came to terms with being biracial 😕

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