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“I wanted to share my story. I identify myself as demiromantic. Am still trying to figure my sexuality which could be demi, ace or grey. In the process of it, I’ve realized a few important things in life. In a society which is overwhelmingly sexualized and even more so when it comes to men, the hardest part of self-recognition is to overcome the odds and accept one’s true self as it is. A label is nothing but a validation. It could be important to some people, may not impact others as much. Depends on perception.

I have always been a dreamer. Being a guy who loves Disney and has unrealistic expectations of a fairytale romance is not easy in the society or at least the society that I’ve been a part of without being judged. I’ve been deemed as unpractical, naive. I’ve been called names and said to be not “man enough”. I’ve been madly in love with someone who coerced me into having sex and willingly compromised my sexuality just to hold onto the person that I was or probably still am crazily in love with. I was dumped by my very loved one who refused to understand me and left me when I needed her the most to be by my side. Years later, am still trying to figure out who I am and what I want and I’ve finally begin to understand.

Am a hardcore demiromantic. I’d die for my love and expect the same. Not an inch less. And due to lack of any other terms, I identify my sexuality to be “PRECISEXUAL”. I’ll engage in sexual activity only and if only it meets certain specific criterion and conditions which is mutually agreed upon. I don’t expect anyone to be like but rather hope and wish there’s someone who’s like me and maybe someday we’ll be together. If not, am content being by myself as I am. I no longer want to be accepted nor I’d let anyone psychologically, emotionally and/or sexually violate me in any ways or manners. I believe in myself and I’ll stick to my belief. I won’t allow anyone to disrespect me just the I don’t disrespect any other orientation. I won’t be passive discriminated for being a guy who doesn’t want sex or companionship just for the sake of it. I am not incomplete without someone in my life but wish to be with someone who thinks just the same way or at least puts in the effort to understand it.

I want my story to be heard cause fighting it is never easy and I just wanted to let everyone know who’s fighting their unique battles, don’t give up. You are who you are. Don’t let anyone define it for you. Find yourself. Seek the answers from within. You’ll discover things beyond your thoughts. #AcePride

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