From the inbox #104

“Hi, I’m a sexual man in a relationship with a borderline (sorry I don’t know the correct terminology) asexual woman. Firstly I would like to say thank you for your insightful page. Reading through your posts has been very eye opening, and helped me to understand how varied the scale of sexuality is. It has made me realise that there doesn’t have to be a problem for someone not to be interested in sex, and helped me not to take rejection as a personal thing. I have a few questions, if you would post this anonymously I would be very grateful, how many asexual/sexual couples have found a way to keep both members happy? Do you distinguish between sexual acts and intimacy, and if so, how important is non sexual intimacy to the asexual members of relationships and what are some of the non sexual ways you have intimacy in a relationship? Hope I’m not being too nosy, all advice and info is greatly appreciated!”

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