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“ok i am making this status because i am sick and tired of seeing this on articles,but also on allosexual and asexual community also.
”Some asexuals can still like sensual touchings such as kissing,hugs and cuddling,but some of them might even engage to sexual activities for the sake of their partner,to keep there partner happy.”
I am sorry but since WHEN sex is an obligation into a relationship?Since when someone must have access to THEIR body to prove you their love?
This is just sick and dangerous at least to me,that’s kind of a missconduct and not totally a consent.NO ONE should have access to their body to prove someone else their love,love can be proved by other gestures but never by sex,our bodies belongs only to us,and we are not forced to use it in order to prove nothing.
What can a closeted asexual might think maybe?
He/she will feel bad and think ”uhm my partner doesn’t know about me,so i must sleep with them in order to make them happy.”
Or a sexual person might think ”well ,he/she doesn’t give me sex so i guess she doesn’t love me.”’
How on earth someone else’s body is so necessary to keep us happy?
I think whoever loves us for our bodies or depends on it,i guess doesn’t love us for who we truly are,for our personalities and souls.
Sorry for my bad English,i am not a native speaker.
And also if someone requires your body to be happy,then LEAVE.”

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