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“You know what I love about the sims 4 besides the fact that racism doesn’t exist nor does sexism or homophobia, biphobia, Acephobia, etc.? You can customize gender settings. Want a female body but want to wear masculine clothes? Not an issue. Same thing with a male body. Want a masculine build, but want boobs? Coolio. Works also vise versa. Want a female body that can get others pregnant? Why not? Want a male body that can get pregnant? Miracle of life, baby. Want your body to have nothing to do with pregnancy? Not a problem.

They haven’t gone as far to add non binary genders, but it’s a start. Also, polyamorous relationships would be cool and THEY NEED TO HAVE MORE SLOTS FOR PERSONALITY TRAITS WITH MORE OPTIONS JFC.

It just makes me happy though, since I frequently cross dress.”

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