Mod Application

Mod Application

Asexual ACES is looking for more mods for the Closed Asexual ACES Group.
If you are interested, answer the following questions. The answers will show, if you're a good fit.

Please read the rules of the Closed Asexual ACES Group and tell me if you'd like to add and/or adjust anything.
Should the rules apply to everyone in the group?
Should people who want to join the group have to answer questions in order to be allowed to join the group?
Should admins and mods have to approve posts or should members be able to post without approval?
A member does not use a TW on their post when one is needed. What would you do?
One member misgenders another member of the group in a comment.  What would you do?
One member brings up one of the banned topics in a comment. What would you do?
People are fighting in the comments. What would you do?
You ask (one) member(s) to do or to stop doing something. They do not comply. What would you do?
Someone makes a comment, stating their opinion about the need for TWs or CWs. What would you do?
What is your name as it appears on facebook?
How old are you?
What is your gender?
What are your pronouns?
Where are you from?
How long have you been a member of the Closed Asexual ACES Group?
What is your ace identity?
What is/are (an)other part(s) that you consider important part(s) of your identity?

Asexual ACES – Video Projects

I’m making ace-related videos and I want your help.

I don’t mind doing all the work myself, but that would be pretty one-sided. Asexuality is a very complex subject & aces are a very diverse group of people. I want to give everyone a chance to give their input on different topics, because a lot of times there’s no right and wrong, no black and white. It’s a spectrum with many different facets.

The topics will often not be too specific to allow lots of different approaches and interpretations.

If you want to be part of a video, here is what you can do:


  • Video clips
  • Audio recordings
  • Drawings
  • Comic strips
  • Animations
  • Written texts
  • Photographs
  • Or something like that

To this email

Subject: The topic of the video.

Text box: Your info (Your name or nickname, your orientations, your gender, your nationality, your age and/or whatever you want to share about yourself.). If you want to remain anonymously, please state that instead. If you have a blog, a shop, a YouTube channel or something else that you want me to link to, add it.

Attachment: Whatever you want to submit.

I’ll collect the ingredients and then turn them into an acesome video cake, so to speak.

The rules:

  • It has to be about the current topic.
  • It has to be made by/with/of you.
  • You must have and give permission to use it.
  • It can’t contain any violence, threats, slurs, nudity or other anything illegal.
  • Don’t out anyone without their permission.
  • No [anything]-phobic remarks or [anything]-ism whatsoever.

The topics and deadlines will be announced on the facebook page, in a pinned post. If neither topic nor deadline are pinned, that means there’s currently no video project I’m working on.
I can’t promise to use everything that you submit.
You can submit as much or as little or as often as you want. If it gets too spammy, I’ll let you know.

I’m looking forward to your submissions!

Two new sites

Like mentioned before, I have been working on a few projects. I am happy to announce that two of these projects are available now!

Project No. 1 is Miscellaneace – an ace and aro-friendly dating site that offers different types of relationship for the vast ace and ace spectrum community. The site is free. You can log in with your facebook or with your email.

Project No. 2 is Teenace – a social network for asexual and ace spectrum teenagers. The site is free. You can log in with your facebook or with your email.