Hello. Thank you for agreeing to do an interview with me. What should I call you?


Tell me about yourself.



Do you feel like parts of your identity are conflicting?


Have you come out to people? How were their reactions?

yes the people ive come out to have had various reactions some have excepted me while others have said everything from im actually celabite to its just a phase and as soon as the right person comes along it’ll pass. my reason for not coming out to others for so long is i felt like i was different and when people seen i was not chasing girls and stuff like everyone else i was called horrible things.

What would you say are some advantages of being asexual/aromantic either in general or for you personally?

some advantages of being an asexual is ive realized that i dont have to let lables or what is considered normal to define me in any way.

What are some disadvantages?

some disadvantages are people Immediately start treating you differently and will make all kinds of assumptions and make u feel isolated.

Tell me about your relationships.

i realize now that im whats known as an aromatic and have not really had much interest in having a relationship.

Let’s talk about representation in the media. Are there any characters that you can identify with?

i can relate to elsa from the movie frozen because shes always kept herself cut off from everyone else and have always feared letting anyone getting to close.

Anything you’d like to see more (or less) of in the ace community?

id lke to see more awareness in general because theres to many misconceptions about aces.

Are you doing anything pride-related during Asexual Awareness Week 2018?

im not doing much for pride week ive bought some pride clothes i plan on wearing around town which for me is a big step. theres nothig in particular im hoping to see because im new to this sort of thing and i dont know what to really expect just yet.