Hello. Thank you for agreeing to do an interview with me. What should I call you?

Hi! I’m Chloe.

Tell me about yourself.

I’m demi and panromantic.

Do you feel like parts of your identity are conflicting?

I don’t feel as though parts of my identity are conflicting, but I do sometimes feel some type of conflict between my identity and my passion. I’m a dancer, and as I’ve grown older the choreography has gotten more suggestive and it’s led people to think things about me that aren’t true.

Have you come out to people? How were their reactions?

I’m out to most of my friends and they’re all very supportive, but I haven’t come out to my family bc my parents aren’t accepting of the lgbt+ community and I’m worried that my relationship with them will be affected.


What would you say are some advantages of being demisexual either in general or for you personally?

One advantage of being demisexual is that when I do feel sexual attraction, the person I’m attracted to is someone who loves me and cares about my happiness.

What are some disadvantages?

A disadvantage I guess would be that there have been times when I wish I felt some type of attraction towards the person I’m in a relationship with and I just don’t feel anything despite having such a close bond with them.

Tell me about your relationships.

I haven’t been in a relationship with many people, but my sexuality has only been a problem in one past relationship. Since then I’ve been sure to say from the start that I’m demi so nobody gets upset when I don’t want to sleep with them after the fourth date.

Let’s talk about representation in the media. Are there any characters that you can identify with?

I’ve always sort of identified with Sherlock Holmes. He’s not canonically ace, but his behaviours and attitudes towards relationships and sex always seemed a-spec to me, and I love that he’s still a multi dimensional character instead of being an emotionless robot.

Anything you’d like to see more (or less) of in the ace community?

I’d like to see more acceptance in the ace community. Asexuality is more than just little white girls, it’s a part of so many different identities and people forget that sometimes.

Are you doing anything pride-related during Asexual Awareness Week 2018?

I’m probably not gonna do much for ace awareness week bc I don’t want my parents asking questions, but I might be able to get away with painting the demi flag on my nails.