The doorknob analogy

Imagine you lived in a world where people were obsessed with doorknobs.

And when you’re walking down the street you just see doorknobs on billboards next to unrelated products.

And when you’re scrolling through the internet you just pass tons of pictures of doorknobs. People sharing doorknobs and trading doorknobs and giving advice on how to get the best doorknobs for your collection.








And drawing fan art of their favorite characters with doorknobs.

And writing stories about doorknobs.

Or movies will have, like, a big doorknob scene.  And it’s all anyone ever seems to talk about.

And different people will have different preferences in doorknobs.

And it’s weird… But it’s fine.





In fact, most of the time you forget that doorknobs play such a big role in modern society. Until you find yourself sitting around with a friend and suddenly they start talking about this new app that lets you hook up with other people in your area and show each other your doorknob collections.





Or you’re at a social gathering and all of a sudden everyone starts making doorknob jokes. That you understand. But that you don’t really … get.





And you remember they’re normal.

nd you don’t hate doorknobs. You’re not against them in any way.

And you understand how thy can be really useful.

You might even have a small collection of them yourself. Not because you’re particularly interested in them. Not because you really care about them. But just because that’s what’s considered normal.





And when you tell your friend that the thought of throwing away your entire collection tomorrow and never owning another one doesn’t bother you at all, because they just kind of take up space, they act like something must be wrong with you.





Sometimes you just look at your collection and think why. And the fact that you just don’t … get it makes you feel so broken.