Covid-19 & BLM

Revised updated version

I wanna help with the current Covid-19 situation as well as the current protests, so I have decided to donate the profit of my Redbubble Shop sales until further notice. Every Cent I make will be donated to an organization of the buyer’s choosing and I will add an additional $1 to that organization as well.
The organization has to be related to or has to have funds for Covid-19 (healthcare, food drives, animal shelters, etc.) or protestors/black owned organizations and they have to accept PayPal as I don’t own a credit card.

Here is how it woks:

You go to my Redbubble Shop, pick something you like and buy it.  It doesn’t have to be a mask. I already offer a bunch of designs and items (Haven’t updated the stuff in a while. I’ll probably do that in the next few days/weeks.) in the shop, but I’ll gladly take requests for designs too!



Just contact me via the page‘s inbox or email.
Once you get an email from Redbubble with the confirmation of your purchase, you can contact me via the page‘s inbox or email to let me know where you want the donations to go.



I will get an email that I’ve sold something and how much profit I made.
I’ll then donate the money to the organization you’ve picked, provided you actually contacted me to let me know and that the organization accepts PayPal.
The end.


Spread the word!