Asexual ACES – Book Projects

Asexual ACES wants to write books with you. Ace-friendly books, by aces, with aces in them and/or for aces.

The idea is that different people individually write one chapter. Then a bunch of people will read the submitted chapters and vote which one they like best. Then, people will write another chapter that connects to the previous one. Those submissions will be read and voted on.
Rinse and repeat.

Jen, Jim and Tim each write a version of chapter 1.
Five hundred people vote. Jen and Jim’s chapters each get one hundred votes, Tim’s gets three hundred votes. Tim’s version becomes the first chapter.
Jen, Tim, Gena, Kate and LJ each write a chapter 2.
Twelve people vote. Gena’s version gets the most votes and becomes the second chapter.
And so on.

Depending on how many people are interested and active and depending on how fast people write, there may be several book projects at the same time.

Jen, Jim and Tim individually write a chapter for book project A, while Sam and Kelly individually write a chapter for book project B.
Both will be voted on separately.

Depending on the amount of votes, there may be several versions of the same book project, too.

Jen and Jim each get eighty votes for their chapter 7, Tim only gets sixteen. Now, Jen and Jim’s versions both become a seventh chapter. The project will be split. Now, people can write their chapters for either Jen’s version or for Jim’s.
Both will be voted on separately.

The goal is to publish a bunch of acesome books and have a cake-ton of fun in the process.


  • People who write (Writers can also read & vote)
  • People who read
  • People who illustrate (Cover art, maps, characters, …)
  • People who can check for typos and stuff
  • Maybe even people who can translate into other languages &
  • People who do audiobook recordings

If you’re interested, send a message to the facebook page‘s inbox where you request to join the Secret Asexual ACES Book Projects Group. Add your email address that you used to sign up for facebook, so I can invite you to the group. The invitation will be sent to that email address.